“Okay Nikola’s squad you’re with me” ordered Raphael. “We are to defeat the fascist no matter the cost, remember just to fight for the freedom of your people and families and last but not least yourselves, FOR THE REPUBLIC” quoted Raphael as his squad and Nikola’s squad went out to fight the Wermacht. They were deafened by machine gun firing and were forced to fire back at the never ending breath.

A badly injured partizan came up to the nurses, he said his entire squad at been gunned down. “Are you okay yourself” asked Marija-Elena “I feel very light headed and weak” the partizan replied before dropping to the ground and dyeing.

“From the sound of things at least we are not out there huh Nikola” said Ivan-Pavel “How’s your son?” he asked Nikola “He seems better, hopefully he’ll get better” answered Nikola “He will” added the medic.

Back at the battlefield the partizans were trying desperate to break through German lines. “MIŠO COVER DOES MEN WITH THE MACHINE GUN” shouted Raphael. Mišo aimed his rifle and started firing at nearby German positions while Raphael used his SMG. The machine gunners started firing. Bombs and grenades were thrown at the lines from both. “MIŠO TAKE COVER” Raphael kept shouting but Mišo eventually heard something “COVER WHO?” he shouted, Raphael ran towards him. A mortar hit near them wounding both of them. Raphael was bleeding but was able to get up he then grasped Mišo by the collar and pulled him to a rock. There he lifted his arm over his shoulder and ran.

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