“Comrade Stankić” said a partizan to Raphael “Ivo Tomčić will like to talk to you” he issued. Raphael agreed to it and went to Ivo. “Comrade Commander” saluted Raphael “At ease Raphael and please call me Ivo” Ivo responded. “I seen you rescue your comrades from that Bosnian SS encampment on the hill, an exceptional show of courage especially when dealing with them” quoted Ivo “Yes Ivo I know” responded Raphael “Well it just so happens that Comrade Tito needs a Bulgarian encampment wiped out just South of here, except for the intelligence officer” informed Ivo “Why does he want me?” asked Raphael “What about Nikola?” he asked again “One my Croat brother Nikola was injured last night and we hope to have him ready by next week, we need this done now and two Raphael, Tito was impressed by your courage especially with someone so young” replied Ivo “Yes Ivo” accepted Raphael “Head out tonight then so” ordered Ivo

At the medical tent Raphael told Nikola about the mission “So the Slovene has finally given someone a task mission” said Nikola somewhat astonished “What do you mean?” asked Raphael “You know what I mean, he wants us all alive and well” replied Nikola. “You should leave him alone now Raphael” ordered the doctor, Raphael got off his seat and went out where he ran into Marija-Elena. “Oh hello Raphael” she greeted “Hey Marija, how’s the morning sickness?” he greeted back and she laughed “Just got to get over it”. They then went their own ways.

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