Price kills Waraabe Return to Sender MW3

the moment you turn around while tee bagging your friend and die

Top 10 NOT so GOOD Equipmemt

1. semtex ( cause you cant cook'em)

2. Any weapon with to much recoil

3. Spaz ( bad pump action )

4. AA12 ( bad range and amo goes out fast )

5. Black Ops Whole Weapon Equip Section ( exsept the balistic knives and crossbow )

6. Desert, Urban, and regular camouflage

7. USP45 ( it's a semi automatic and it takes to much bullets to kill )

8. Any 3 round burst weapons

9. Barrett50CAL. ( To much freaking recoil and takes forever to reload )

10. WS2200. ( single fire )

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