Hey everyone my name is Audriana Henry, I am 20 years old and married to a great man named William Henry III. We have a 1 year old son named Aiden and another son on the way. We play modern warfare 2 on the ps3 he is 3rd prestige and he kicks butt! I am good to just now I just got 8 kills with no deaths, and then at the end of the game my score was 15 kills and 4 deaths. Terminal,Skidrow,Wasteland,Rust, & Highrise are my favorite maps. But I do my best games on Terminal !

if you want to add me and my husband on your ps3 for modern warfare 2 here are our ps3 names

his is billbobagens

mine is audrey89

if you are really good at this game then send my husband a message on there so he can delete the people who do not play and add you he has over 90 friends but wants people who actually play the game.

but you can add me to because I could sure use the help on my name to get leveled up!

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