• Moiz1224

    Double XP?

    May 29, 2010 by Moiz1224

    I realized yesterday when i was playing that i got double XP for all my kills...anyone notice this on the PS3?

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  • Moiz1224

    Resurgence Pack

    May 15, 2010 by Moiz1224

    Discuss what u wood like 2 see in the maps n your thoughts.....

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  • Moiz1224

    The title is self-explanatory but im kinda just wonderin wat kilstreaks every1 else uses

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  • Moiz1224

    Ok well its finally March 30th n im sure all of u cod fans that own the 360 have the new stimulus package. Since i have the PS3, i was wonderin wat it was like, whether it was worth buyin it or not, etc.... So plz feel free 2 discuss the new maps here

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  • Moiz1224

    Out of all the maps in modern warfare 2.....wat is ur favorite or least favorite maps?

    Heres how it goes 4 me:

    1. Scrapyard

    2. Highrise

    3. Skidrow

    4. Terminal

    5. Invasion

    6. Favela

    7. Karachi

    8. Rundown

    9. Rust

    10. Afghan

    11. Wasteland

    12. Sub Base

    13. Quarry

    14. Underpass

    15. Estate

    16. Derail

    now that i told u wat i think...tell me bout wat u think

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