• Momeng

    All right, let's write this!

    November 26, 2010 by Momeng


    Sorry. You know Hilroy, right? The notebook? Get it? 'Write' this? Huh? Huh?

    Anyhow, there are a few things I would like to talk about today... First is that I am going to start aiming to join the Wiki Clan for MW2... All right? 200 edits ain't so bad!

    Also, I would like to apologise! I have, my friends, strayed to the dark side! I have fallen for the deadly lust of the UMP45 Silencer/FMJ! At least I have cookies. Anyhow, I did NOT play with the UMP because EVERYONE used it. It was just so overused that i started on underused things like the Vector and MG4. Then, I put it on my Knife-only class because it was UMP45 and I used USP 45., which was a match made in heaven. I maxed out the UMP just so I could say I …

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  • Momeng

    Hello, all. I have some very... sad news for you... I will not be buying Black Ops... Snifff... I have researched and watched and asked... and it is not at all what I thought it would be... lame customization... stupid crossbow... weird graphics... Ah, well. That's that.

    So, to continue, I have some updates on my gaming life to share with you. First off, I've started playing Soul Calibur IV again. Such an amazing game, very fun. I like playing normally, creating a million characters, and pwning as Yoshimitsu online. Namu!

    In MW2, I've started playing only Barebones Pro and Free-For-All. Knife-only, at that. If you play Barebones, you've probably met me, seeing as there are only about 500 players in that mode now. I'm the super-annoying dude wh…

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  • Momeng

    Well hello there! Welcome to my virtual abode. Or one of them, anyway. Today, I am going to voice my opinions on... Black Ops! Yes, I am obsessed. No worries!

    Before you leave this page going, "Oh, this is way too long", head to the very last paragraph, willya?

    Anyhow, I may not own the game, but I plan to, and there are a few things that I would like to point out. To be honest, theses are more like theoretical problems to hypo... hypothesi... Well, however you spell that. Point is, I've been reading up on Black Ops, and here's what I think so far.

    First of all, what's with the crossbow? I mean, it's one of the most dynamic weapons in the world, firearms-wise, and there are no attachments... no camos... not bolt choices! They even kept the hitsc…

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  • Momeng

    I need help! I guess you figured that out, but whatevahhh.

    (The next part is a totally pointless little packet of tidbits, so if you're actually here to help me, then you're welcome to skip it.)

    Just for a quick update, Modern Warfare is... in it's last throes... *sniff*... Well, for me. There still about twenty-thousand people playing at once, usually, so whatevahhh. Anyway, what I mean is that soon I will be stopping it... because I'm totally going to trade it for Black Ops. At first, to be honest, i was hesitant about this. From what I could gather of people talking on their headsets while they were playing, my first impression was "Black Ops sucks", "Modern Warfare is so much better", and "AGH, MOMENG YOU CAMPER"... I suppose that last o…

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  • Momeng

    Aw, jeez

    November 8, 2010 by Momeng

    Well, hello all. I am depressed. Well, not really, just slightly saddened. Black Ops is coming out, and that marks that beginning of the end of my Modern Warfare 2 days. See, because I'm dead broke, I won't be acle to afford Black Ops, unless I trade in a bunch of games. Seeing as I only have two or three that actually have discs, I can't do that either. That means I have to get as much time on MW2 as possible before Christmas, because I plan on perstering everyone who will give me gifts to "GET ME BLACK OOOOOPS!"

    Aside from that, I will also be saying "GET ME ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOOOD!" and "GET ME NERF BARREL BREEEAAAAK!" because I love cowboy stuff. Leftover from childhood, I suppose.

    So I've seen all sorts of videos for Black Ops. C…

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