Sorry. You know Hilroy, right? The notebook? Get it? 'Write' this? Huh? Huh?

Anyhow, there are a few things I would like to talk about today... First is that I am going to start aiming to join the Wiki Clan for MW2... All right? 200 edits ain't so bad!

Also, I would like to apologise! I have, my friends, strayed to the dark side! I have fallen for the deadly lust of the UMP45 Silencer/FMJ! At least I have cookies. Anyhow, I did NOT play with the UMP because EVERYONE used it. It was just so overused that i started on underused things like the Vector and MG4. Then, I put it on my Knife-only class because it was UMP45 and I used USP 45., which was a match made in heaven. I maxed out the UMP just so I could say I did and forgot about it... But sadly, a few days ago, I reset my classes and put a silenced and FML UMP... It's soooo awesome.... sniff...


Actually, just for fun, here are my custom classes:

Gunslinger - ACR ACOG/44. Magnum Akimbo w/ Semtex, Flashbang, SoH Pro, Hardline Pro, and Steady Aim Pro.

Infiltrator - F2000 Silenced + Heartbeat Sensor/ M93 Raffica Silenced + FMJ w/ C4, Smoke, Bling Pro, Cold-Blooded Pro, and Ninja Pro (Note that sometimes I switch F2000 with FAL)

Rebel - AK-47 Grenadier/ Ranger Akimbo w/ Claymore, Flashbang, SoH Pro, Hardline Pro, and Last Stand Pro.

Soldier - M16A1 (Desert) Grenade Launcher/ M1014 Grip w/ Frag, Smoke, Marathon Pro, Danger Close Pro, and Steady Aim Pro.

Swordsmaster (Sometimes Yoshimitsu) - Vector (Digital) Rapid Fire/ USP 45. Tactical Knife w/ Throwing Knife, Smoke, Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro, and Commando Pro. People hate me when I use this. Which is all the time. Heh heh heh.

Ninja - UMP45 Silenced + FMJ/ Striker Silenced + Grip w/ Tac Insert, Smoke, Bling Pro, Stopping Power Pro, and Ninja Pro. :( ...or maybe (-: ... But mostly
Evil smiley face

Assassin (FAV AND OLDEST CLASS) - WA2000 FMJ/44. Magnum Tactical Knife w/ Throwing Knife, Smoke, Marathon Pro, Stopping Power Pro, and Ninja Pro

Yup yup yup. Also, just as a side note, I really like some of the weapons in BC2, for instance, the GOL, UMP45, RPG-7, M95 (Technically a Barrett), AN-94, and I hate... THE INTERVENTION! DUN DUN DUNnnnn!

And finally, I wanna say that Eternal Sonata is epic... Like Salsa, Jazz, and Viola!


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