Well, hello all. I am depressed. Well, not really, just slightly saddened. Black Ops is coming out, and that marks that beginning of the end of my Modern Warfare 2 days. See, because I'm dead broke, I won't be acle to afford Black Ops, unless I trade in a bunch of games. Seeing as I only have two or three that actually have discs, I can't do that either. That means I have to get as much time on MW2 as possible before Christmas, because I plan on perstering everyone who will give me gifts to "GET ME BLACK OOOOOPS!"

Aside from that, I will also be saying "GET ME ASSASSIN'S CREED BROTHERHOOOOD!" and "GET ME NERF BARREL BREEEAAAAK!" because I love cowboy stuff. Leftover from childhood, I suppose.

So I've seen all sorts of videos for Black Ops. Coooool. I can't wait to pwn noobs like myself with a small explosive car. Oh yeaaah. AC: Brotherhood looks amazing, too. As does The Force Unleashed.

Anyhoo, I'm actually going to talk about something not Black Ops. Weird, eh?

Next year. It is my dream year. In it, I will lust after about a dozen videogames... Red Faction: Armaggedon... MW3(?)... The Last Guardian... From Dust... Jouney... I Am Alive... ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection... inFamous 2... Drooooool...

So... yeah... drool. Seriously, inFamous 2 and From Dust are just EPIIIIC.

Hmm, I use capitals a lot, don't I?


Now, back to Black Ops (it was inevitable).

I love character customization. I LOVE IT. I like making things. So I'm obviously elated by the depth of the customization in Black Ops.

First off: Face Paint. PUNISHEEEEER!

Ahem. Second: Constume... GHILLES FTW!

Third: Emblem. Art time, babeeeh!

Fourth, Red Dot Sights... YELLOOOOOOOOW!

And finally... Clan tags. This is awesome because when you pick up someone's weapon, you can be like, "Hmm... Fred's gun, eh?" and then pwn Fred.

Okay, i'd go into more... detail... but I'm sorta busy and have to go. I might edit this later.

See ya!

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