First of all, I would like to thank all of you for such an instant welcome. I've rarely met actual nice people on the internet. You guys are cool.

So! I will now talk about Nazi Zombies.

To be honest, I never really understood what Nazi Zombies were, aside from the obvious. I knew it was something in COD, but I never played anything until MW2, but that will apparently change soon with the remake in Black Ops, which I am extremely excited for. I also found out that there is a huge stroy behind the Der Riese Project, which is amazing considering all the other stuff the COD people had on their plates. I think a big hand goes to them and all our fellow geeks down here and Wiki who discovered every last little detail whilst fending off hordes (no other collective noun works) of Nazi and Japanese zombies.

Next on the imaginary list is... Black Ops! Did I mention how excited I am for that? On the non-specific talk, I would like to... er, talk about some of the new features. The one that interests me the most... Well, that's tied between the recording option (which I'm hoping will be similar to, if not better than, Just 'Cause 2) and the COD Points system, which is fairly self-explanatory. You earn points, and then buy attachments and other customization items. Another new feature is the option to switch between third-person, first-person, and free camera modes whilst watching another player. The 3rd- and 1st-person options were there in MW2 previously, but Free Camera was not an option except in Private Matches. T

Now, as a non-veteran (n00b) to the COD (mmm, fish) series, I've never used flamethrowers in it, nor played during the cold war (excluding MGS3), so everything will be amazingly new to me, only newer to COD virgins (poor blokes). Of course, that surely doesn't make me any less excited (WOO-HOO BLACK OPS OMIGOOOOOD) than anyone else, I'm sure (I use parentheses too much, eh?). So, let's talk about it, shall we?

First off: Wager Matches. I mean, come ON! Not only can we level up and unlock stuff from just playing, we can pown others and steal their points, which is just plain old epic. Also epic is the fact that some of you probably actually contributed to one of the modes featured in it, Gun Game. In this mode, for those who don't already know (WATCH THE TRAILER ON YOUTUBE), this is a mode in which all players start off with a certain weapon, and with each kill they get, they get a new weapon, one level up. This is an interesting idea because, for amateurs, they will (presumably) be using weapons that they don't unlock until later levels. Another mode is call One in the Chamber, the idea of which is that you start off with a pistol and a knife and keep only those weapons for the whole game. You have three lives and only a single bullet, so, essentially, don't miss and don't get shot. Another (I'm not doing this in order) mode is call Sticks and Stones, where you are equipped with a crossbow, Ballistic Knife, and Tomohawk. If you kill someone with a tomohawk, you bankrupt them, which sounds not fun for them. The final one is called Sharpshooter. In this one, all players play with the same weapon for a fixed amount of time, and then it switches. Now, in the trailer, there is an amazing moment where they actually show the switch, and the player goes, in seconds, from holding what appears to be an M14 to a Death Machine, esentially a handheld gatling gun. You have to remember that ALL the players get this weapon at the same time. This means you go from, hearing-wise, the odd bang bang to a most likely coninuous cacaphony of high-RPM shots. Amazing picture, no? The moment can be found at around 2:17 in the previously mentioned video. Just watch it, even if you already have. Then watch it again.

Second is weapons. From what I've seen, there are classics like the M14, MP5K, AUG, and FAMAS, but there are also a lotta new ones we need to get our paws on. The one that interests me the most is the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper appears to be a rocket launcher of sorts, firing four incindiary missiles with each pull of the trigger. That makes for epic kills. Another curious weapon is the Ballistic Knife, which was at first rumoured to replace the Throwing Knife. Nope. The Tomohawk is doing that. The Ballistic Knife is a weapon completely unique to COD, as it appears to have reloads you can melee with, and it shoots straight and true. The tomohawk on the other hand seems to have the same use and effect as the Throwing Knife, so I guess I'll be practicing with that, soon, too! Finally, there's the crossbow. Is it Crossbow or crossbow? I can't tell yet, because if it's a class all of its own, such as Pistols or LMG's, then it'll be crossbows, and there will be MORE of them. Drool. On the other hand, if it's just The Crossbow, then it will undoubtedly become something equivalent of the Intervention, but awesome-er. I can't decide which I prefer. Anyway, it appears to have, in the multiplayer trailers, only arrows similar to the Semtex, that embed themselves and then explode seconds later. They even leave that same reddish trail in the air. Cool, eh? I hope they have normal arrows, too!

Next is story. The storyline and gameplay seem a little different from MW2, more, from my perspective, comparable to Battlefield: Bad Company 2, with more jungle and arctic areas that urban, but that's just a guess for now. Also, there is a certain luminescence to things that I saw in BC2 that I didn't in MW2. I have to admit, a game made by both EA and Treyarch or Infinity Ward would be amazing. Or possibly horrible, with each team trying to outdo and sabotage each other.

Last on this strange, strange list is customization! Oooooh! With facepaint, cool camouflage for weapons, appearance options, Callsigns carved into guns, and more (I think), you've got my dream customization engine! Well, next to Soul Calibur IV, but that has flaws, too.

Finally, I want to say this: It is T minus 34 days 22 hours 52 minutes 13 seconds until Call of Duty: Black Ops is released !

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