I need help! I guess you figured that out, but whatevahhh.

(The next part is a totally pointless little packet of tidbits, so if you're actually here to help me, then you're welcome to skip it.)

Just for a quick update, Modern Warfare is... in it's last throes... *sniff*... Well, for me. There still about twenty-thousand people playing at once, usually, so whatevahhh. Anyway, what I mean is that soon I will be stopping it... because I'm totally going to trade it for Black Ops. At first, to be honest, i was hesitant about this. From what I could gather of people talking on their headsets while they were playing, my first impression was "Black Ops sucks", "Modern Warfare is so much better", and "AGH, MOMENG YOU CAMPER"... I suppose that last one was unnecassary. Anyhow, at that point I sent a quick, tendon-pulling message to a couple friends of mine. This first said it sucked. The third said it was awesome. The second hasn't said anything yet. Anyway, I've heard since then that you need an HD TV to make it look good. Check. Also, I looked at all the ew info you geekzoids have posted since... yesterday, and it now is appealing to me even more. 15 Prestiges? Ohhhh yeah.

(Okay, I'm done. Help me now. Please.)

So, I need help. I am planning on getting Black Ops, eventually, and possibly asking for it for good ol' Christ's Mass. Befre I do any of that, though, I need to know some things: The first and most important, IS IT AS AWESOME AS I THINK IT IS? 2nd, is it actually appropriate for someone of my gentle demeanor? In short, is there more blood than, say, Gun? Can you skip the more offensive scenes, as in that one mission in MW2? Is there more cussing than heard in.. Gun? These are actually the most important questions, people. No. 3: The character customisation... aside from Facepaint (JOKER FTW!!!), can you choose your oufit at all? I know that the Perks have control of it, but is there any other level of personalizion? I really want to have an akimbo MP5-weilding, joker-painted, silent footstep Ghillie. Like, REALLY, dudes. Ja. And IVth, can I play the zombie missions without buying the Prestige or Hardened Editions? That's all. Help, please! I give free cookies to people who help!


Don't forget about the cookies!

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