Hey there, everyone! This is my first blog entry, which is being made in the very first hour of making my account.

Now, I don't know what people usually say on their blogs, but I guess I'll start with...

Well, my username, Mo Meng. It's Cantonese for No Name and I think kinda cool. I use it in just about anything, including Sketchfu, TeenSRC (Although I changed it and can't change it back) and on PSN. Nobody seems to know how to pronounce it, so here it is: Moe-Mehng.

Erm... Other things... Well, I aspire to join the Wikipedia Call of Futy Clan, for PS3, but it will proabably take a while. Two-hundred edits isn't much compared to other people, but it'll take me a little bit. I already made some edits to four COD Wiki pages, but that was as an unregistered user. I added the bits about the flower gardens and oil tank in Terminal, the small room in Underpass, the south-eastern platform and sign in Highrise, and the windows in the barbershop in Favela. That's about six, because I kept finding mistakes, but it doesn't matter because I didn't have an account... Ah, well. I still hope you find it useful. I mainly want to join the clan because one of the rules is that you can't swear, so that's a big part of it. I don't like people who curse online, especially with and/or at younger kids. I have a couple of cool friends on PSN, who I will ask if I can post their names up. They deserve it.

I really enjoy all of Wikimedia, mostly because it's the speed lane of the information superhighway, and because they have a group for frickin' everything. I'm not... highly worldly, but I plan on contributing to the COD Wiki and any other games or books I find.

Speaking of books, I'm in the middle of reading this one called Mockingjay. It's the third (And maybe final) book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I'm reading it and enjoying it, definitely more than Catching Fire, but not as much as Hunger Games. I'm also in the middle of reading this great book, The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe. It's a comprehensive guide to all the elements in the periodic table, including common uses and all the scientific facts, all compacted down to a few paragraphs and a few pictures, never exceeding more than four pages, and that's mostly pictures.

I'm greatly anticipating Black Ops and I really want to buy Just 'Cause 2, because it's an amazing game which I gave to someone more needy. Argh. I'm playing a game called Eternal Sonata in Co-op code with a friend, and we are simply kicking major booty. Wow. I just said booty. Anyway, between his brains and experience and my... moral support, we're coasting through the game.

What else... Er, my IQ is 139, according to an entirely unofficial IQ test game I just played. It only had 20 questions. Sad, but fun. Cool music.

I love playing Modern Warefare 2 online, and in Spec Ops. I'm in my... Third Prestige and just unlocked my fifth baby, the Javelin (I have ten babies). So that means level 50. Apparently that will be the max level in Black Ops. Phew.

Anyway, I gotta go now. Thanks for listening, in a strictly virtual sense. If you exist.

See you.

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