I've heard alot of people complain about this shotgun. Everyone says you're a "noob" if you run around with them as a primary and with akimbo. I'll be the first to admit that when I hit level 67, I'm using them until I prestige. I love that gun. Rumors have been flying around xbox live that they are either going to take the gun out completly, take the akimbo off of it, make it weaker, or even power-up the other shotguns. I think they should leave it the way that it is. You worked that hard to get to that level let us have what we've earned. Just because you haven't reached that level or just prestiged doesn't mean you have to complain since you don't have them. I keep Copycat on all my classes just so when I don't have them and someone does, I can take them. Most people don't know this but the Spaz, AA12, Striker, Ranger, and the M1014 are all buckshot and the Model 1887's are a slug. Slugs shoot farther than a buckshot. A lot of people want the akimbo on them gone but if you do that why not take out all the other akimbo weapons. I use SMG's all the time and only get them up to akimbo so I can use it like that. I've never heard anyone complain about my akimbo P90's or my akimbo MP5K so why complain about the 1887. In all honesty, people need to suck it up when they die from them. It's a game! RELAX!!!! I'm not the best player in the world (kdr is like a 0.74 or something like that. I have only 7000 kills and 10000+ deaths) but I don't care if I die 90 times in one map, as long as I'm having fun. Maybe some of you should try it. Don't get me wrong I do yell at campers because I'm always running around with my akimbo SMG's, akimbo .44's, C4, Stuns, Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro, and Ninja Pro with the deathstreak of Copycat. I just don't see the point of sitting in a corner. It doesn't make you good. I've killed tons of people in corners but yet blindsided by them. S*** happens. Pick a corner to shoot and if you're wrong oh well. You just died. Boo hoo! It's not like you are dead forever and never can play again. You just have to learn to deal with the bullcrap and continue on. If you lose, you lose, If you win, you win. Don't blame anyone ut yourself if you lose for the fact that it was your fault also. It's a team effort so throw yourself into it. If you have anything to say about what I've just said have at it. Add me if you wanna play also. Gamertag is Mortimur Mango and I play on Xbox Live. I'm down for anything but love Hardcore Team Deathmatch and Hardcore Headquarters.

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