• Moto1195

    Note: Before anyone decides to get their flame on and post comments like "noobtubers are gay and have no skill", READ the post first!

    Okay, this is something that I have wanted to talk about since MW2; Why do people think grenade launchers (aka the "noobtube") is ONLY a noob weapon that make people bad at the game? I mean sure, they do require little to no skill to use and make for an easy and effortless kill, but that doesnt make us a total noob. The perk Flak Jacket has existed sinse COD4 that can help protect you from being killed by explosives (that most people dont use they are too busy using Stopping power, Juggernaut, or Ghost), and because of that 95% of the people get pissed off when they get killed by a noobtube. I laugh when peop…

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