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    My idea on MW3 and BF3

    September 24, 2011 by Mr.Green hat

    Personally, it's hard to say which will win. I'm going to go through it one piece at a time to see which will probable dominate.

    Graphics: Battlefield

    The realistic, destructive environments are rather realistic and fun to creat and watch. Modern Warfare 3 wont have the greatest graphics in the industry. It's looks like MW2. Seriously, it does.

    Sound: Depends...

    Like above, IW didn't do much with the sound in Moder Warfare, but BF3 sounds like real explosions, guns, and rubble falling on your sorry ass. Nonetheless, Hans Zimmer, whom did MW2 music, will probably do MW3 soundtrack. If so, I will be very pleased

    Campaign: Modern Warfare 3

    Soap MacTavish, Price, Makarov, these names are the most rememberal names in Call of Duty. Personally, no one …

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