• Mr. PorterX2

    Hey guys, I was disscussing with my brother about Ascension. When the topic of a Wonder Weapon came up. I stated that the majority of wonder weapons are element based, Thundergun (Compressed Air), Wunderwaffe (Electricity), Winter's Howl (Eh, its pretty self-explanatory). Anyways, I stated that the only elements they haven't covered (I'm talking about the four basic elements and lightning) are Fire and Earth. Yes I know WaW had the Flamethrower and yes there could be a possibly of an assault rifle PaP'd could have a Flamethrower attachment, but, I still would like to a fire based Wonder Weapon and Earth based. Anyways, I had a concept about a gun that shot very strong concentrated bursts of microwave and lit the Zombies on fire, also, I wa…

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