Welcome to Call of Farce, my new blog dedicated to Call of Duty humor. So, lets start with shotguns. MW2 shotguns to be specific. Let's start with the SPAS-12. Who doesn't like this spunky motherfucker? BOOM chick chick BOOM! Chick chick BOOM! Who hasn't abused the range of this weapon? You can lay a guy out in one shot at midrange with that thing! Who needs a primary weapon, give me my boomstick! Its so godly, they didn't need any attachments on it. FMJ, grip, the sights, fucking useless! Infinity Ward musta just said to themselves, holy shit we made this shotgun so badass we don't even need any attachm

ents! We'll put 'em there for show, but fuck it, nothing can really make it any more badass than it already is! By the way, its a secondary, so you can swap to that piece of shit gun you arbitrarily put as your "primary" and use that until you find more ammo for your epic boomstick. Have any of you spammed the trigger when shooting it? The thing shoots like a meth addict weapon. It'll fire again before its firing


Badassery in physical form.

animation is over, so ends up looking like its almost fucking your hand. Strange shit, right? Imagine holding a gun only to have it dry hump your hand every time you shoot it. Does it jizz oil or something after you fire enough rounds? Not to mention that using any pump action shotgun looks naturally like stroking a big... fat... black... gun of course! Although I'm sure you all get the inferrence, herp derp.

So did you guys enjoy that sexually charged rant concerning the SPAS-12? Please tell me if you guys like this, or if I shouldn't waste my time writing this blog. Peace out.

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