Notes [1]Edit

D- Damage

ROF- Rate of Fire

Pen- Penetration

R- Range

A- Accuracy

Rel- Reload Time

Mag- Magizne size

Ext S/l- Extremely Short/ low

S/l- short/low

M- medium

L/H- Long/high

Ext H/ Ext L- Extremely high/long

*- New to MW series

**- New to CoD in general

Assault Rifles [2]Edit

SCAR-H: MHD, lROF, HPen, MR, HA, MLRel, full auto, Mag 25

ACR: MD, MROF, lPEN, LR, HA, MRel, Full auto, Mag 30

AK-103: MHD, MHROF, MHPEN, MR, MlA, MSRel, full auto, Mag 35 ** (modern AK-47)

QBZ-95: HD, MlROF, HPEN, MlR, MHA, MRel, full auto, Mag 30 ** (bullpup)

M16A4: HD, HROF, MHPEN, HLR, HA, MRel, 3 round burst, Mag 20

FN FAL: HD, ExtlROF, MHPEN, LR, HA, MRel, Semi-auto, Mag 25

F2000: MD, HROF, MPEN, MR, MlA, MRel, full-auto, Mag 30 (bullpup)

Vektor CR-21: MlD, HROF, lPEN, LR, HA, MRel, full-auto, Mag 35 ** (bullpup)

G36-C: MD, MROF, MPEN, MR, MHA, MSRel, full-auto, Mag 30

G3: HD, ExtlROF, HPEN, LR,MHA, MRel, semi-auto, Mag 30

TAR-21: HD, ExtHROF, MHPEN, MLR, MHA, MRel, 3 round burst, Mag 30 (bullpup)

FAMAS: HD, ExtHROF, MPEN, LR, HA, MlRel, 3 round burst, Mag 30 (bullpup)


AK-104: MD, MROF, MPEN, MR, MA, MlRel, full-auto, Mag 20 ** (modern AK-74u)

M4 Carbine: MHD, MROF, MHPEN, MR, MA, MRel, full-auto, Mag 30

SCAR-L: MHD, MlROF, MPEN, MR, MlA, MRel, full-auto, Mag 25 ** (carbine variantof the SCAR-H)

MagPul PDR: MlD, HROF, MlPEN, MR, MlA, MlRel, full-auto, Mag 30 **

M4A1 CQBR: MD, MROF, MPEN, MlR, MHA, MlRel, full-auto, Mag 30 * (M4 version of the M16 Colt Commando variant)

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