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  • Mstar blue box

    top 3 CoD 5 guns

    November 5, 2009 by Mstar blue box


    1. M4 Carbine
    2. M1 garand
    3. Gewher


    1. KAR98K
    2. Springfield
    3. Mosin-Nagat


    1. Thompson
    2. MP-40
    3. Type 100


    1. Browning
    2. DP-28
    3. BAR


    note: Only 2 types of shotty's in CoD 5

    1. Double Barrel Shotgun
    2. trenchgun


    1. 357 magnum
    2. Colt
    3. Nambu

    Note: If you disagree, please tell me. Remember, NO HATERS!!!!!!!

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