I am not sure if there is a third map pack going to be released. But if there were, I would like to hear your ideas and styles of the maps as well as two of the Call of Duty 4 remakes that are also your favorite that haven't been released yet.

I want to see one map based on The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday with NAVY SEALS vs Spetsnaz. It should have multiple levels as well as good sniping spots, this map will have the NAVY SEALS as the advantageous spawn because it seems like the Task Force always has a bad spawn. My name for a map like this would be something like Leveler.

A map based on the Gulag with Task Force vs Spetsnaz. Good for close combat and running. Hectic Deathmatches and objective games. Map name should be Captivity.

The third map will have NAVY SEALS (IW needs to put more NAVY SEALS in multiplayer, they're only avaliable in two maps) vs Opfor. This map will be in Afghanistan and have partially desert, part urban theme with a city. Similar to Fuel but with underground tunnels like Highrise. It will have mainly medium range and a couple sniping perches that the snipers need to watch because they are easily accessed. Bunkers with miniguns will be opposite the sniper perches for snipers to get easy kills. I think the name should be Hideout.

As for the remakes from Call of Duty 4, the two I think should be included are Ambush or Bog and Creek or Pipeline.

Please post your ideas for new maps and post the old maps you think should be remade into Modern Warfare 2 Thanks!

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