Finally I have been waiting to make a fanfiction story for the longest time. Now I know how and I am getting started.

First of all:

  • I will be one of the main characters. Not the one whose perspective the story will be told from. I will choose one of the characters submitted for that to be told.
  • Depending on how busy I am, I may not write a chapter every day, but I will try.
  • I also plan on making a biography page for every character submitted. It will contain info about the character and the short biography you put in with your characters submission.

Character Submission:

If you would like a character in my story, please leave a comment with these filled out. If you are in a fanfiction story with me and wish to reuse your character, that's completely fine, but you will still need to fill out the submission form below.

  • Name: (Your soldier's name)
  • Nickname: (Optional)
  • Date of Birth: (It doesn't have to be your real birth date if you don't want it to)
  • Place of Birth: (Again, it doesn't have to be your real place)
  • Faction: Choose one (SAS, USMC, US Rangers, NAVY SEALS) You may also pick an antagonistic faction (Spetsnaz and Opfor), although I will create only one or two antagonists.
  • Rank: (I will ultimately decide everyone's ranks, although give me an idea of where you would like to be)
  • Role: Choose One (Scout, Rifleman, Sniper, Intelligence expert, Heavy Weapons Combat, Assault Specialist/Gunner, Grenadier/Demolitions, CQC Specialist, Commander, Medic, Squad Leader, Pilot)
  • Weapons: (Attatchments included) Up to a primary weapon and a secondary weapon. They can be from COD4 or MW2
  • Biography: (Give a short biography about your character)
  • Age: (Give your character's age)

If you have other ideas, please leave them in the comment box!

The Story Here!

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