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    Ghost of MW2

    July 8, 2010 by N'thro Notadee

    For those of you familiar with the Ghost of halo then this blog will be of interest to you if not, it will still be worth a read.

    So there I was, alone in Fuel, looking for sniping spots when suddenly I heard a loud explosion, the kind from a grenade. I heard it again later in the game. While I was sniping I was suddenly killed by a ACR shot but there was no kill message and the only thing the killcam showed was me falling over. After that I saw a player gliding along throwing grenades and evertime i got close i got killed by it.

    Can you explain this?

    My Xbox is still on with MW2 running on it and i am still in this game. If you need details just ask and ill run upstairs to check.

    I will update this blog every now and then with more detail.


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  • N'thro Notadee


    May 18, 2010 by N'thro Notadee

    Look at this moron on youtube vandalising our wiki with racism! If you care about it flag that video!

    This is a sad person doing a sad thing.

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  • N'thro Notadee

    Okay so there i was: 24 kills and all i needed was one more kill and tactical nuke time. When suddenly out of the blue a predator missle comes at me! I ran away but it was about to hit me when suddenly it hit the tree in front of me! So i went on to get the nuke making it my 7th nuke so far!

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    Noob of the year!

    April 23, 2010 by N'thro Notadee

    Okay so here are is the noob of the year......

    XBL Gamertag:2 gangsta 4 us

    He kept trying to lose the match for us by wanting to get killed. And we also had a guy from mexico, whose gamertag is this: RYAN TOUT and ryan tout kept being sent racist messages from the noob. Anyway we won the match and he kept cursing at everyone. In the lobby he asked me and my friend where we were from. I said Ireland and my friend said canada and the noob called him a "maple humper" anyways this noob is a racist so watch out!

    So i kept on Killing the racist noob and reported him. He deserved it!

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  • N'thro Notadee

    My face revailed!

    April 18, 2010 by N'thro Notadee

    Click the video to see


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