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Ghost of MW2

For those of you familiar with the Ghost of halo then this blog will be of interest to you if not, it will still be worth a read.

So there I was, alone in Fuel, looking for sniping spots when suddenly I heard a loud explosion, the kind from a grenade. I heard it again later in the game. While I was sniping I was suddenly killed by a ACR shot but there was no kill message and the only thing the killcam showed was me falling over. After that I saw a player gliding along throwing grenades and evertime i got close i got killed by it.

Can you explain this?

My Xbox is still on with MW2 running on it and i am still in this game. If you need details just ask and ill run upstairs to check.

I will update this blog every now and then with more detail.

The ghost isnt going away and it has a Ranger player model.

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