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Call of Duty Ghosts - MW4 Leaked Info & Title07:06

Call of Duty Ghosts - MW4 Leaked Info & Title


Well known YouTuber Drift0r has received info from a "reliable source" about the apparent next Call of Duty game. It will be called Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Info from the video has been summed up below:

  • Name is Call of Duty: Ghosts
    • Was previously named Call of Duty: Phantoms
      • Is not related to the character Ghost
  • Branching out from Modern Warfare Series
  • Expect an announcement near May 1st
  • Set in future but using current generation weapons
    • Major plot event causes the use of current generation weapons in the future
  • Multiplayer loading screens are dynamic
    • No longer a simple countdown
    • Examples: Repel from chopper or sneak into map.
    • Similar to the strike force mode intros
  • Player movement changed
    • No mention of Dolphin Dive
    • Sprint into sliding
    • Shoot while sliding
    • Peeking around corners on console
    • Can roll while prone. Similar to DayZ
  • Spec Ops is gone
    • Replaced by something completely new
  • More destructive environments
    • Shoot down killstreak and destroy building
    • More interactive maps like Hydro
    • More destruction in Singleplayer rather than Multiplayer
  • Launch only on Next Gen consoles
    • On New Xbox, PS4 and PC only.

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