Sledgehammer Games General Manager, Glen Schofield has spoken out on the difference between Modern Warfare 3 and the Frostbite 2 engine used in Battlefield 3.

When asked about the impressive Frostbite 2 engine powering Battlefield 3 he said:

"We really re-vamped this engine. We put a whole new audio system in and it is as competitive as anybody out there, you can go out and name your engine and call it whatever you want, right. You know, I've done that before; I've seen that trick and the bottom line is, it will run at 60 frames a second. Not sure any of our competitors will. You don’t ship an engine, you ship a game."
— Glen Schofield

He then added:

"Not sure I’ve seen any of our competitors on the console running at 60 frames a second and I’d be a little scared at this point if I was looking forward to a particular game that wasn’t on the console and running at 60. I think 60 is our competitive edge and you just don’t throw that away."
— Glen Schofield

Battlefield 3 will be released two weeks before the release of Modern Warfare 3 on November 8th 2011.

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