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It is highly likely that the next Call of Duty game will be another Modern Warfare game. As a fan of the Modern Warfare campaigns, here are the things I'd like to see:

Smaller Scale

Yeah it was cool seeing every landmark on the planet getting blown up by Russians, but in my opinion some of the best CoD missions are small scale special op missions. Smaller scale allows for more variety, such as infiltrating a cargo ship, sneaking through a snowy base with a silenced ACR and futuristic heartbeat sensor, breaching a forest estate and sneaking into a heavily guarded castle; whereas larger scale missions are essentially a tour of a city with some buildings on fire and a well known landmark falling over.

Eiffel Tower under attack Iron Lady MW3

More focus on Characters

One thing that made Call of Duty 4 so great was the interactions between characters such as:

"It's just too hot man...but room temperature? Please, a beer should be ice cold!"
— Griggs
"A lager maybe, or a glass of water like you drink. But a pint of stout?"
— Price
"Heh, I'm gonna have to school y'all both when we get back stateside."
— Griggs
"Yeah, well, either way we're stopping at London first. And I'm buying."
— Gaz

This made the characters feel a lot more realistic and therefore made you care about them. This leads on to my next point...

Operation Kingfish 2013 group crop

More Death

If we care about the characters, then we'll have even more feels when they die. This is good as it makes us feel even angrier at the antagonist and drives us towards the ending. Knowing that I'm getting revenge for sexy Soap when I beat up and hung Makarov was immensely satisfying.


A strong female protagonist

The CoD series has always been a bit of a sausage fest. It's in dire need of a strong female protagonist who can stop the game being super macho. The last good female CoD character was Tanya Pavelovna back in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. She was good because she was not overly sexualized and was basically a bit of a badass. CoD needs another Tanya.


Keep it simple

The storyline should be simple. We should be running around the world trying to kill some evil dude while simultaneously getting to know our teammates (see point 2). Although Call of Duty: Black Ops's "Russian MKULTRA conspiracy Reznov number nonsense" and Call of Duty: Black Ops II's "angry Nicaraguan who was kind of evil but wasn't" was interesting... it didn't really work because it was trying to be a much more sophisticated story then CoD should be. We should be stopping nukes or rescuing presidents from holes.

(Don't even get me started on MW2's storyline because THAT MADE NO SENSE.)

Steiner operating Mason in Vorkuta

Keep the player character mute and stay first person

We should just play as some soldier with a cool codename who doesn't speak and we should also not see what they look like. This lets the player immerse themselves as the character and makes it so we don't feel like we're watching a movie.


More Soap

Just because he's a badass.


Do you agree with this? What would you like to see from the next CoD campaign? Let me know!
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