The Call of Duty: Black Ops reviews are out. With an overall rank of 90 out of a 100 by metacritic and 91.55% out of a 100 by gamerankings.

The game got many perfect reviews by critics, although some critics claimed it "Wasn't as good as Modern Warfare 2". One review claimed:

"Treyarch delivers their best Call of Duty to date - but not the best in the series."

While Gametrailers said:

..It's a robust, quality product from top to bottom. The campaign is brief but memorable, and the multiplayer has taken millions of hours of real world testing to heart. The total amount of worthwhile content makes paying full price for most other games feel like a crime. Treyarch has closed the gap between its games and the Modern Warfare franchise with boundless customization, a keen sense of what makes the formula a success, and listening to fans. You won't regret answering the call once again.

Gamespot's good and bad parts of the game were:


  • Thrilling variety throughout campaign
  • Fractured story creates an intriguing atmosphere
  • New multiplayer currency system is invigorating
  • Combat training lets anyone enjoy multiplayer excitement
  • Theater lets you share and enjoy triumphs and failures.


  • Short campaign.

But overall, its not what the reviewers think. Its what you the fans think. Better or Worse then Modern Warfare 2? Let us know what you think of the game below.

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