Official Call of Duty® Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Event Tune-In00:37

Official Call of Duty® Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Event Tune-In

A new Trailer for the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal event has hinted at locations were Ghosts will be playable. Thanks to Charlie INTEL for the list:

  • August 14th: LA reveal
  • August 21st: Gamescom event
  • September 26th: Eurogamer, London
  • September 26th: Games, Dubai
  • October 3rd: Moskva, Russia
  • October 4th: EB Games Expo, Sydney
  • October 5th: First Look, Netherlands
  • October 23rd: Brazil Game Show, San Paulo
  • October 25th: Games Week 2013, Milano
  • October 30th: Games Week, Paris
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