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Yo bros, so far we've learnt alot about Modern Warfare 3 at Call of Duty XP, including new weapons, new "killstreaks", new "weapon proficiencies" and that there will be 80 levels for you to get through! The News Team and I will try to keep you up to date with all the COD:XP news this weekend.

Pre Event

August 30th - Xbox Event Preparation
August 31st - Robert Bowling Walkthrough
August 31st - Xbox Event Preparation 2
September 1st - Xbox Event Preparation 3
September 1st - Robert Bowling on the Zipline
September 1st - New MW3 gamemode called "Kill Confirmed"

September 2nd

Call of Duty XP Opening Keynote
Call of Duty XP ELITE Keynote
"Voices of Call of Duty"
Gamespot - Live from Call of Duty XP
Call of Duty XP - Dan Amrich on the Zip Line
Call of Duty XP - Dan Amrich Paintballing
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer World Première Trailer
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Action Trailer
Find Makarov - Operation Kingfish Fan Film
Tejbz Gameplay video - Search and Destroy
Tejbz Gameplay video - Resistance
Tejbz Gameplay video - Village
Tejbz Gameplay video - Barret Quickscoping
Machinima Gameplay video - Part 1
Machinima Gameplay video - Part 2
Machinima Robert Bowling Interview
IGN Team Deathmatch Gameplay
IGN Team Deathmatch Gameplay 2
IGN Turret "Killstreak" Gameplay
IGN Domination Gameplay 1
IGN Domination Gameplay 2
IGN Domination Gameplay 3
IGN Domination Gameplay 4
IGN Domination Gameplay 5
IGN Domination Gameplay 6
IGN CTF Gameplay
IGN "Dome" Gameplay
Gamespot MW3 Stage Demo
Gamespot ELITE Stage Demo
Gamespot "Mind The Gap" Gameplay
Gamespot "Arkade" Gameplay
Gamespot Riot Shield Gameplay
Gamespot Akimbo Gameplay
Gamespot CTF Gameplay
Gamespot CTF Gameplay 2
Gamespot CTF Gameplay 3
Gamespot CTF Gameplay 4
Gamespot Domination Gameplay
Gamespot Domination Gameplay 2
Gamespot Kill Confirmed Gameplay
Gamespot Kill Confirmed Gameplay 2
Gamespot Kill Confirmed Gameplay 3
Gamespot "Dome" Survival Gameplay
Gamespot "Dome" Survival Gameplay 2
Gamespot "Dome" Survival Gameplay 3
Gamespot "Paris" Survival Gameplay
Gamespot "Paris" Survival Gameplay 2
Gamespot "Paris" Survival Gameplay 3
Gamespot Create a Class
Gamespot Create a Class - M4A1 Customisation
Gamespot Create a Class - Primary Weapons
Gamespot Create a Class - Attachments and Perks
Gamespot Create a Class - Attachments and Proficiencies
Gamespot Create a Class - Sniper Rifles and Light Machine Guns
Gamespot Strike Package
Call of Duty ELITE - Connect
Modern Warfare 3 Edition Xbox 360

According to Activision's Eric Hirshberg the four principles of developing Call of Duty are:

  1. Epic realism (real world combat with "blockbuster" action)
  2. Adrenaline rush (want gamers to always have blood pumping and experiencing while knuckle moments)
  3. Easy to play, but hard to master (fun for new players while remaining fun to the hardcore gamer)
  4. 60 FPS (Using the processing power of gaming platforms to provide optimum performance)

The game will have complete customization of private matches just like in Call of Duty: Black Ops where you could adjust the settings and preferences with the ability to save and share. Rather than the ability to create your own emblem, Modern Warfare 2's player card returns where you'll be able to unlock and use pre-made emblems and titles. The game will launch with 16 maps and there are a total of 28 Killstreak Rewards.

There is at least one new game mode called Kill Confirmed where you have to kill an enemy and then collect the dog tag that they leave behind. If you don't collect the dog tag, then the kill can't be confirmed and you won't score any points for your team. The enemy has the ability to reclaim the dog tag, thus preventing you from scoring any points.

There are 80 levels in each Prestige but nothing else is known about the Prestige system at this point.

(Thanks to our friends at digitalwarfare247 for this information)

September 3rd

Call of Duty XP - The Pit
Call of Duty XP - The Zipline
Call of Duty XP - Jeep Experience
Call of Duty XP - Dropkick Murphys Interview
Call of Duty XP - Recap with iJustine (hot)
Call of Duty XP - Pros vs GI joes
Call of Duty XP- Marisa Miller (hot) and Nick Swardson on Scrapyard
Call of Duty XP - Nick Swardson and iJustine (hot)
Call of Duty XP - Juggernaut Sumos
Call of Duty XP - Xzibit interview
Call of Duty XP - Zombies Panel
Call of Duty XP - Tournament Finals
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Briefing - Part 1
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Briefing - Part 2
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Briefing - Part 3
Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Briefing - Part 4

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