After leaving Infinity Ward back in March, former creative strategist Robert Bowling's new game company, Robotoki, has revealed their new game.

The company's new game is a survival game set in a zombie apocalypse and will be called Human Element.

Bowling says the core objective behind Human Element is survival. “Zombies greatest strength is the fear that they instill in us, the survivors, that unreasonable fear. Unreasonable fear that leads us to do unreasonable things to survive."

The character creation system allows the player to choose between three classes, Action, Intelligence, and Stealth, and three different identities, Survive Alone, Survive with a Partner, and Survive with a Young Child.

“How you choose to start in the world will determine how you can engage and impacts the scenarios you will be presented with on a physical and morality level.” Bowling added.

Human Element will be released on next-generation consoles, PC, mobile, and tablets in 2015.

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