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How to download you Black Ops screenshots/videos from your Console to your PC!

N7 November 14, 2010 User blog:N7
This is a tutorial on how to download screenshots and videos from your Console to your PC!

Firstly, you must go to and select Theater.

Theater 1

Next, (if you don't already have an account on you must log in or create an account.

Theater 2

After you have logged in you will need to link your account.

Theater 3

To do this you must either click the Xbox 360 logo or Playstation 3 logo and you should be linked up to your Online account.

Theater 4

Now if you want your rendered videos to upload automatically to your youtube account you must click "Link your Youtube Account".

Theater 5

You will then be led to a page on youtube asking you to "Allow Access" for

Theater 6

Now your should be able share your videos and screenshots with the world!

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