Expect to be seeing this message on Modern Warfare 3 if you've been boosting, cheating, hacking, exploiting the game or acting inappropriatly in the chat.[1]

fourzerotwo has said that this is basically a permaban from the game[2]. (Unless you're going to be playing MW3 in 13ish years).

fourzerotwo has also said that him and the team have been discussing additional modes (like Hardcore Headquarters) that will be added to the game soon.[3] He also mentioned that there will never be a Survival Mode player increase saying "it changes the entire dynamic of the game"[4]

There will also be Modern Warfare 3 "hotfix" soon which will rebalance Semtex and Juggernaut.[5] fourzerotwo also stated that the spawns are the next thing that the team are disscusing to fix.[6]

Oh and Bowling's favourite gun at the moment is the ACR,[7] he thinks Batman: Arkham City is a great game[8] and apparently "if you're getting AIDS from our game, you're doing it wrong. The disc goes in the tray.". [9]

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