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"Black Ops II offers nothing less than the evolution of multiplayer and the ascension of Call of Duty as a spectator sport."
— Dan Amrich

For Call of Duty: Black Ops II the team at Treyarch decided to resign the Create a Class system. The new CaC system is dubbed "Pick 10". It is actually pretty simple too, each Weapon, attachment, perk, grenade costs one point. For example a SCAR-H with a reflex sight, KAP-40 as a secondary, three perks, a Claymore , and a Tactical Insertion – that’s eight points, giving you two to spend.

However if you never use your Secondary Weapon, you don't have to pick one! This gives you a point to use elsewhere. Also if you like two Perk 1 slots, but none of the Perk 3 slots you can use a wildcard to that allows you to use two Perk 1 in your class.

Now none of the perks effect your gun, attachments only do that. For example a laser sight increases hip-fire accuracy. Slight of Hand for example is completely gone and is replaced by the "Fast Mags" attachment.

Perks have been simplified. For example, Ghost no long makes you invisible from all UAVs. Instead Ghost now keeps you invisible while on the move and a separate perk Hard Wired, makes you immune to Counter UAV. A third perk, Cold Blooded, removes the benefits of an enemy’s Target Finder sight and some sniper scopes. Vonderhaar says “Perks only impact you, they don’t impact your gun, and they can be tuned.”

Killstreaks/Pointstreaks/Strike Chains are now called Pointstreaks and it is a new system that rewards everything you do with one score table. So as Dan Amrich puts it: "Grab a flag? Get points. Take down an enemy while carrying that flag? Get bonus points. Remove a UAV from the sky, assist with a kill, take a Domination point – whatever helps your team succeed helps you earn some chunk of score."

Vonderhaar says that Treyarch wanted to "return some simplicity" to the ranking system. There are 55 Levels and 10 Prestiges. Every time you level up you get an unlock token, to be used on gear. You however can not unlock all gear in one Prestige. Cod Points and Prestige tokens are not returning.

E-sports is a big thing in Black Ops II and is featured in many parts of multiplayer. Firstly there is League Play, where players are placed in a division based on a few test matches, then work their way up and down a ladder of a small pool of players. Dan Amrich says that "It will not be you versus 40 million other players at once, and most importantly, your placement and ranking will be skill-based".

Normally if a player wants to stream their game they need to own a capture card and some other equipment. However now Livestreaming is possible by the touch of a button in Black Ops II.

Treyarch is also confirming the return of combat training, custom games, an improved theater mode, and the addition of multi-team deathmatch — up to 6 teams of three players each for the game’s 18-player maximum multiplayer lobby.

Below is a ton of videos, pictures and ALL the gear you can choose for your loadout in Black Ops II.

Aftermath Map Preview - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer01:07

Aftermath Map Preview - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer





BLACK OPS 2 GAMEPLAY 2 - Killstreaks Hellstorm - SIG556 SMR - MULTIPLAYER REVEAL01:04



Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Aftermath' @ Gamescom 201210:27

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Aftermath' @ Gamescom 2012


Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Aftermath' 2 @ Gamescom 201210:19

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Aftermath' 2 @ Gamescom 2012


Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Cargo' @ Gamescom 201209:48

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Cargo' @ Gamescom 2012


Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Turbine' @ Gamescom 201210:31

Black Ops 2 multiplayer gameplay - 'Turbine' @ Gamescom 2012


Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

  • AN-94
  • SMR
  • M8A1
  • Type 25
  • SA58
  • Sig 556
  • SCAR-H


  • M1216
  • Saiga 12
  • R870-MCS

Light Machine Guns

  • LSAT
  • Mk 48

Sniper Rifles

  • DSR-50
  • SVU-AS
  • Ballista


  • Assault Shield

Sub-Machine Guns

  • MP7
  • Chicom QCB
  • PDW-57
  • Skorpion EVO 3
  • MSMC

Secondary Weapons


  • SMAW
  • RPG
  • FJH-18AA


  • KAP-40
  • Tac-45
  • Executioner
  • u23-R

No Weapon Equipped

  • Combat Knife

Primary Attachments (Assault Rifle Only)

  • Reflex Scope
  • ACOG
  • Target Finder — Sight which highlights enemies when they enter the field-of-view
  • Hybrid Optic
  • Suppresser
  • Fast Mag
  • Adjustable Stock
  • Quickdraw
  • Grenade Scanner
  • Millimeter Scanner
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Select Fire
  • FMJ
  • Extended Clip

Secondary Attachments (Pistol Only)

  • Reflex
  • Suppressor
  • Extended Clip
  • Fast Mag
  • FMJ
  • Dual Wield
  • Laser Sight

Perk 1

  • Flak Jacket — Take less explosive damage.
  • Ghost — Cannot be detected by enemy UAVs while moving.
  • Blind Eye — Unaffected by AI-controlled perks.
  • Hardline — Receive bonus score points.
  • Lightweight — Move faster, take no damage from falling.

Perk 2

  • Hard-wired — Immune to counter-UAV and enemy EMPs.
  • Scavenger — Replenish ammo and grenades from fallen enemies.
  • Cold-blooded — Resistance to targeting systems including Dual Band, Target Finder, Sensor Grenades and player-controlled aircraft.
  • Toughness — Flinch less when shot.
  • Fast Hands — Swap grenades faster, use grenades and equipment faster, and safely throw back frag grenades.

Perk 3

  • Engineer — Show enemy equipment in the world, delay explosives and re-roll and booby trap care packages.
  • Dead Silence — Move silently.
  • Extreme Conditioning — Sprint for a longer duration.
  • Tactical Mask — Reduce the effect of flash, concussion and shock charges.
  • Awareness — Enemy movements are easier to hear.
  • Dexterity — Climb ladders and mantle over objects faster, recover from melee faster and aim faster after sprinting.

Lethal Grenades

  • Grenade — Produces lethal radius damage upon detonation.
  • Semtex — Grenade that sticks to surfaces before detonating.
  • Combat Axe — Retrievable axe that causes instant death upon impact.
  • Claymore — Directional antipersonnel mine that triggers a proximity-based explosion.
  • C4 — Plastic explosive device that can be set and triggered remotely.
  • Bouncing Betty — Proximity mine that launches into the air before detonating. Can be avoided by crouching or going prone.

Tactical Grenades

  • Sensor Grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Concussion
  • Shock Charge — A deployable charge which stuns enemies that enter its proximity.
  • EMP Grenade
  • Tactical Insertion
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Black Hat PDA — Hack equipment and care packages, or disable enemy vehicles.

One additional point can be spent on any tactical grenade to bring two of the same type into battle when you spawn.


  • Primary Gunfighter — Allows a 3rd attachment for the primary weapon.
  • Secondary Gunfighter — Allows a 2nd attachment for the secondary weapon.
  • Overkill — Take a primary weapon as your secondary weapon.
  • Danger Close — Take a second Lethal.
  • Perk 1 Greed — Take a second Perk 1.
  • Perk 2 Greed — Take a second Perk 2.
  • Perk 3 Greed — Take a second Perk 3.
  • Tactician — Take a Tactical grenade in place of your lethal Grenade.


  • RCC — 325 points — A remote-controlled car packed with explosives.
  • UAV — 375 points — Shows enemies on the mini-map.
  • Hunter Killer — 400 points — Airborne drone that seeks out and destroys a nearby target.
  • Care Package — 450 points — Air drop a random Scorestreak.
  • Counter-UAV — 475 points — Temporarily disables enemy radar.
  • Guardian — 500 points — Projects microwave field which stuns and impairs enemies.
  • Hellstorm Missile — 525 points — An air-to-surface missile which can be scattered into a cluster bomb while falling.
  • Lightning Strike — 550 points — Launch a coordinated lightning strike on three locations.
  • Death Machine — 600 points — Your own personal handheld mini-gun.
  • Sentry Gun — 650 points — An automatic sentry gun which can be remote-controlled.
  • War Machine — 700 points — Grenade launcher with rapid, semi-automatic firing.
  • Dragonfire — 725 points — Remote-controlled quad-rotor with lightweight machine gun.
  • AGR — 800 points — Air drop an autonomous ground robot that searches for and destroys enemies and can be remote controlled.
  • Stealth Chopper — 850 points — Call in a stealth helicopter which does not appear on the enemy's mini-map.
  • Orbital VSAT — 900 points — Shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map, cannot be shot down.
  • Escort Drone — 1000 points — Get personal air support from an escort drone.
  • Warthog — 1025 points — Jet aircraft that provides close air support with several strafe runs.
  • EMP Systems — 1050 points — Temporarily disables enemy electronics.
  • Lodestar — 1150 points — Lase missile targets remotely from the Lodestar.
  • VTOL Warship — 1200 points — Be the gunner of a powerful VTOL Warship.
  • Canine Unit — 1275 points — Attack dogs that hunt down the enemy.
  • Swarm — 1400 points — Call in a swarm of lethal Hunter Killer drones that search and destroy enemies.

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