Gaming news site, Joystiq, was privy to one of Modern Warfare 3's press events. In the 25 minute live demo, it is apparent that Modern Warfare 3 is upping the scale of conflict.

Before the event got underway, Infinity Ward creative strategist Robert Bowling, and Sledgehammer Games co-founder, Glen Schofield, had some words for their audience:

"For the last year we've been working together with Infinity Ward to deliver Modern Warfare 3. Like Infinity Ward, we believe the game should do the talking. Modern Warfare 3 picks up right after Modern Warfare 2. DC is burning, Task Force 141 is either dead or on the run, and battles rage all along the eastern seaboard. It's in Manhattan that you join with the Delta team to help turn the tide against the Russians who've occupied New York City."
— Glen Schofield
"We came out of Modern Warfare 2 with a very strong vision of what we wanted for Modern Warfare 3. Things we wanted to add, things we wanted to polish, the payoff we wanted to deliver to our fans who've invested come November 8, 2011. Luckily, in the execution of that, we were looking for a team that had the same passion for the franchise, the creative skillset we could turn to, and we found that in the entire studio of Sledgehammer Games.

Modern Warfare 3, we're taking scale to an entirely new level. We're taking players from the outskirts into the heart of major cities around the world, delivering urban combat in places like Manhattan, London, both of which you'll see here tonight. We're also going all over Europe, parts of Africa, Russia, the Himalayas. It's a conflict that really covers the entire globe."
— Robert Bowling

The first level shown was "Black Tuesday," which puts you in the heat of the battle for Manhattan. The player is a part of Delta Squad as they try to outmaneuver the Russians, who are embedded and occupying the city. The level takes you to familiar landmarks like Wall Street, and both the interior and exterior of the New York Stock Exchange.

During a prolonged street battle where you'll be ducking in and out of buildings and climbing to the roof of the New York Stock Exchange with your squad, glimpses of new additions to the game can be seen. The main characters' gun was mounted with an EOTech flip scope that can change from a zoomed scope to a red-dot sight just by flipping the large scope to the side. That's an authentic touch for players who like to both scope and run and gun.

Delta MW3

Other new items included the 9-Bang Grenade, which is a sort of a flashbang on steroids, as it delivers nine flash and bang elements wherever you drop the grenade. Also new was a Reaper Drone that you could deploy, giving you a bird's-eye view of the area, and letting you drop death from above on groups of enemies wielding helicopter-unfriendly RPGs. Both items came in handy as the squad battled to the roof, detonated explosives on a broadcast tower, and jumped into a waiting chopper.

But as you try and flee the scene, your chopper comes under attack from some formidable gunships, and you have to man a mini-gun to try and take them out. The A.I. in both the player's chopper and the enemy bird's used a towering skyscraper as cover, and your chopper will take a lot of fire while downing the foes.

Sas MW3

The scene then shifted to a level entitled "Mind the Gap", set in Canary Wharf in London. Your team is sent on a covert mission into a dark dock, where you're supported by air units above while you stealth in and take out sentries throughout scattered warehouses and buildings. From time to time, air support will drop in to rake fire across enemy strongholds. The entire level was a mixture of stealth and run and gun, but quickly shifted as you realize the entire setup is a trap. The battle then shifts to the tube system below London, where the battle ends up derailing a subway car, which results in a spectacular explosion.

What are your thoughts on the Modern Warfare 3 demo? Would you like to see it at E3? Sound off in the comments!

Original/source article: Joystiq | Modern Warfare 3 preview: Two heads are better than one

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