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Watch the launch event right here on the Call of Duty Wiki!

Above is a new MW3 Campaign screenshot, featuring Sandman

Over the last couple of days a ton of new Modern Warfare 3 information has been released. Here is a run down of most of it.

MW3 sold early

A U.S department store called K-mart has accidentally been selling MW3 copies early after they received a memo telling them to start selling the copies immediately. Many people picked up the game before K-Mart sent a memo out to all stores to take the game off the shelf until November 8th.

MW3 callsign displays your previous CoD ranks


Someone who got the game early (could've got it from K-Mart) posted an image showing that your Callsign in MW3 will show your prestige rank in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops.

MW3 Xbox Live Servers are up!

For all the people who got the game early (legally or otherwise), MW3s Xbox Live servers are up. This includes the new Prestige Shop! But hey, if you've got the game early... you're not going to be reading this ;)

IGN releases a 4 hour MW3 video

IGN has released a 4 hour MW3 video, featuring single player gameplay on Mind the Gap and a ton of multiplayer gameplay. Plus interviews with Robert Bowling and the Sledgehammer Games guys. Shorter videos highlighting specific sections below.

MW3 needs 8GB to install


It has also been revealed that MW3 will require a minimum of 7.45GB free space to install, therefore it won't be able to installed on the 4GB Xbox Console. However the game can be played without installing, you just won’t get the "optimum Modern Warfare experience".

MW3 - Facebook and ELITE Integration Trailer

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