If they were to make a Call of Duty Movie (which would be awesome). I've kind of based these on Modern Warfare 2, as I feel that game had the most diverse set of characters. This is who I would like to see cast:

Craig Fairbrass as Simon "Ghost" Riley


He's already got the voice (as he voiced him in MW2) and just looks like a badass. He's the obvious choice for Ghost.

Ewan McGregor as John "Soap" MacTavish

Vy4hLeb.jpgSoap M14 EBR

He's an awesome actor, he has a beard and he's Scottish. All he'd need is a Mowhawk and he'd be able to play Soap easily.

Jason Statham as Gary "Roach" Sanderson


Roach has never been properly revealed (except for in Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish) so I had a bit of free reign on this one. Basically I chose Jason Statham as he's a cool actor and would be ideal for a British TF141 soldier. Fun fact he also voiced a character in the original Call of Duty.

Matt Damon as James Ramirez

awxEYpv.jpgPersonal N7 Ramirez

James Ramirez was never revealed in game either so I had some free reign in this too. He was pretty good as a soldier in 'Green Zone' so I reckon he'd be pretty good as a normal U.S. Army Ranger in this.

Idris Elba as Foley

hihKt23.jpgFoley S.S.D.D. MW2

He normally plays a tough guy in a suit, but I reckon that if he donned some combat gear he'd have Foley down to a tee. He may be British, but his American accent in 'Prometheus' wasn't too bad (shame about the rest of the film though), so I reckon he could get away with playing a U.S Army Ranger. Fun fact: He also voiced Truck in MW3.

Sam Worthington as Dunn

The vetCpl dunn Wolverines

Sam Worthington would be pretty cool playing Dunn, but I don't really know why. He kinda just jumped out at me when I thought of Dunn. Fun fact: He played The Vet in an MW3 trailer and of course he voiced Alex Mason in BO1 and BO2.

Roman Varshavsky as Vladimir Makarov


Roman's got the voice and kinda got the look. He was his voice actor in MW2 and MW3 so he's obviously got that.

David Brandon George as Shepherd

3C8Ja2w.jpgShepherd Full-Body Shot MW2

David Brandon George played Shepherd in Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish and in my opinion he was pretty damn good at it. I think he'd be great as Shep in a full blown movie.

Thanks for reading! I will be adding more actors later on. I couldn't really decide who should play John Price so I'd like to hear you thoughts on that in the comments!

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