On March 30th three FFA gunplay modes are going to be added to the Community Playlists on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The new modes are available to all players and cycles 4 different modes which are:

There are 2 Gun Game variations.

  • One variation uses an 18 gun progression including 2 sniper rifles to separate the men from the boys.
  • The second variation cycles 6 guns 3 times (no sniper rifles) so learn the 6 gun progression and pace yourself through the 3 waves.

One In The Chamber uses the P99 handgun.

  • Players begin with one bullet and earn a bullet for every kill (with gun or tactical knife).
  • Elimination occurs after 3 deaths but the last 3 players will be visible on the mini-map to keep the action rolling.
  • Eliminated players can chase remaining players in spectator mode and back a winner of their choosing by selecting them.
  • Selecting a player that you're spectating gives you 150 XP for each of their subsequent kills so you can still stay in the game after you're eliminated.

Lastly there is a new variation on Free For All that was created by our community and we LOVE. Players call it All Or Nothing.

  • All players spawn with the USP .45 handgun with no ammo and a Throwing Knife.
  • The loadout includes the Hardline perk and Specialist point streak with Scavenger in the first slot.
  • As you get kills, you pick up scavenger packs and get ammo.
  • Once you're killed you spawn back with no ammo and start again.
  • It's like One in the Chamber meets Infected with plenty of hilarity mixed in.

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