Welcome along to the first (and maybe last if it turns out crap) Ultimate Call of Duty Character tournament. It is a knockout tournament, so the character from each round with the most votes will continue through the tournament. After the winner of each batch is found they will battle against the other winners and the character with the most votes will emerge victorious. The characters who are facing off against each-other are just random, so don't complain if it seems unfair.

Batch Two

ROUND H - Dunn VS Abigail "Misty" Briarton


Dunn will face Frank Woods winner in next round

ROUND I - Kamarov VS Samuel Stuhlinger


Kamarov will face Gary "Roach" Sanderson in next round

ROUND J - Gary "Roach" Sanderson VS Yuri


Roach will face Kamarov in next round

Batch Three

ROUND K - Victor Zakhaev VS Wallcroft


Wallcroft will face Mike Harper in next round

ROUND L - Jason Hudson VS Alex Mason


Alex Mason will face Riley (the dog) in next round

ROUND M - David "Hesh" Walker VS Riley (the dog)


Riley (the dog) will face Alex Mason in next round

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