EDIT - Treyarch has confirmed the site as a fake and is advising users not to give the site their email addresses.

The apparent website for Call of Duty 9 has been updated. With the "treyerch" typo being fixed and the addition of an email newsletter, apparent release date of Fall 2012, the tagline "Something is coming" and an email; VILKAS@IRONWOLFPROJECT.COM.

Vilkas means lively in Finnish, this guy in Skyrim and Wolf in Lithuanian, which suggests this game could be about the Lithuanian Motorised Infantry Brigade Iron Wolf or the Lithuanian fascist movement formed in 1927.

However at the moment there is currently no confirmation from Treyarch or Activision about the legitimacy of this website.

NOTICE - Please do not put your email down on the website, this could be a spam and/or phishing site.

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