hello n7 here, i am here to talk you through the history of the genre defining saga... CALL OF DUTY.

CALL OF DUTY first started out as BATTLEFIELD 4, which was released in 1983 for the sega mega drive. The game featured americans and russians shooting eachother in various countries (something that would later go on to become a major part of the call of duty series) and featured a revolutionary first person camera view. after the creators of the game fell out with evil overlords EA, they left and joined gabe newells new company... ACTIVI$ION and founded Treyarch. EA went on to make 2138 sequels to the battlefield series, with the newest game BATTLEFIELD 2142 due out next year.

although Battlefield 4 was panned for its poor graphics and gameplay, many critics praised the revolutionary "microtransaction" system

Treyarch's first game was CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WAREFARE which was released in november 1986 for the xbox one™ and featured many improvements over the poor graphics and clunky controls of BATTLEFIELD 4.

the game also was REVOLUTIONARY for the gaming industry because instead of aliens or nazis the bad guys were commies and in one scene you got blown up by a nuclear bomb which was cool i guess. the game was also the first game since minecraft to feature a multiplayer mode and allowed you to kill real commies over the internet which everyone enjoyed because it was the cold war. it also allowed you to get shouted at by children at the small cost of $49.99 a year

a screenshot from cod4, please note the improved graphics over those from battlefield 4

on november 2nd 1987 another call of duty came out and it was called call of duty 2: world at world war 2 but it was not set in the modern warfare and featured more swearing and blood so children couldn't play it and received poor reviews from everyone and the creators sledgehammer left activi$ion and never made a game again. on november 3rd 1987 a sequel to call of duty 4: modern warfare was released after one day of development called call of duty 4: modern warfare 2, the game was critically acclaimed by children and IGN. Many of the character were praised, such as:

Mask on Federation Day CODG
ghost who was cool because he had a british accent and he had a skull on his face
commander shepard who was cool because he defeated the reapers in 2186
Captain Price
captain price who was cool because he had a british accent and a hat
captain foley who was cool because he sounded like barbiter from halo

people also liked it because it featured space combat for the first time in a video game (which would later be copied by games like halo and half life 3) as well as more nationalities of communists to kill, such as brazilians and americans. there was also a mission called "no russian" that upset some people because you kill civilians but this helped the game sell over a billion copies in 24 hours

a screenshot from the infamous COD4:MW2 mission, no russian

after call of duty 4: modern warfare 2 activi$ion thought they would try something different and released call of duty 2: world at world war 2: cold war but nobody liked it because it was set in the olden times and you had to use old fashioned guns such as the AK47 and the M1911 and no one enjoyed it. some people did like that ice cube and the guy from avatar was in it and that you were allowed to shoot some zombies but that was about it

captain alex mason cia agent

however little did the general pubic know... call of duty 2: world at world war 2: cold war would be the downfall of the call of duty series as in november 1766 activision released CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARE 3 and totally ruined the franchise by adding some things to multiplayer that upset people and making the story mode boring as frick with russia invading the whole universe and with like any main character dying after every mission and with the music not being as cool as its predecessor. neckbeards everywhere weeped for the death of call of duty

a screenshot from the COD4:MW3 mission where you blow up the communist eiffel tower

activi$ion knew that their video game series was doing badly so they decided to make a sequel to call of duty 2: world at world war 2: cold war entitled call of duty 2: world at world war 2: cold war: cold war II with a drastic change... IT WAS SET IN THE FUTURE. The year is 2027. It is a time of great innovation and technological advancement. It is also a time of chaos and conspiracy. the game brought back that guy from avatar and terminator 4: salvation and also let you play as his not as cool son adam jensen in the future. many people enjoyed the game because it had more endings than mass effect 3 and was written by that guy who wrote that one good batman film. The game was also praised for its microtransactions because you could spend £10 to make your gun look cooler.

new character adam jensen seen here not killing communists

many people thought call of duty was entering a golden age but then activi$ion screwed up and made call of doot: ghost which saw you playing as a squad of ghost from call of duty 4: modern warfare 2 but instead of being british they were all boring as FRICK and instead of fighting communists you were fighting south americans (??????) after they blew up the planet with a spaceship(??????????????????). however the game did feature a dog but he was only in one mission and even then he was still super boring. the game did feature major acting talent though as it had that guy who was in that bad superman film with kevin spacey

Simon "Ghost" Riley multiplayer character CoDG
"dad this whole time you were a ghost" (i wish i was making this up but thats an actual line from the game)

finally in the year 2014 after the literally worst game ever call of doot: ghost, activi$ion have decided to reboot the series with the release a new cod game called... CALL OF DUTY: TITANFALL the game is set in the future but this time it has robots and spaceships in it. the game is kind of like halo but unlike halo it will actually be good. many people are calling it the game of the decade even though it hasnt been released yet... only time will tell if this is true (its not)

look guys its nothing like call of duty because robots

i hope you enjoyed reading my history of call of duty and that you learned a lot about this century spanning series. if you don't trust my sources on any of this, please read this wikipedia article. thank

Please don't take this seriously. It's a joke.

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