hello i am n7 you may remember me from such informative blogs as "the history of call of duty" and "WHY I THINK THE GHOSTS ENDING IS PROPER BS", today i am here with exclusive news about call of duty 11: modern warfare 4: advanced warfare, i cant tell you my source but let me just say my dad works for nintendo and my mom works for mountain dew

exclusive screenshot of sgt halo killing bad guys

the game is set in 2552 and you play as master chef petty officer john 117, a Titan mech pilot working for a PMC group owned by frank underwood. frank is voiced by kevin spacey who you my remember playing lex luthor in 2006's superman returns but apart from that he's not a very well known actor

kevin spacey then went on to play mark zuckerberg evil billionaire in the social network and will return to the superman franchise as lex luthor in 'batman vs wonder woman vs cyborg vs aquaman vs superman'

the game features a lot of advanced tech such as jet packs, hover cars, gloves, guns, spartan lasers and iphone 7s that you can use during the campaign. the main campaign is 3 missions long and lasts about 2 hours but according to sledgehammer games community manager robert bowling: "1 hour and 50 mins of the game is purely cutscenes of you looking at this advanced tech before using it once in a QTE and then never using it again, which we feel fully immerses you in this ADVANCED WORLD"

damn look how ADVANCED this is!!!! he is holdin 2 guns at once and flying damn

the game is being exclusively developed for XBOX ONE and will feature 180 different types of downloadable camos for your guns available on day one all at the cheap price of 400 MSP each. there is also rumours of a kanye west voice pack and a EXCLUSIVE PREORDER BONUS MAP that you will be able to later get for free like 5 months later when people stop playing the game. the game is also being made for various retro consoles such as the atari, SNES and wii u. there is currently no word on the PC version but i'm sure it will be just as good as GTA V on pc.

here is the CEO of EA with the xbox one

this is all the EXCLUSIVE news i currently have about this new game but the game already has over 45 billion preorders and will definitely win GOTY from IGN.

cod: ADVANCE WARS will come out on the game boy advance on november 4th 2001

dae remember this gem

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