treyarch what have you done??? after watching the new BO3 trailer it looks again like you are trying to bring innovation to the cod franchise!!! WHY??

if you actually knew your fans you would know we prefer every game to play exactly the same, why didn't you not just make world at war 2??? Or even better just port WAW1 over to next gen!!! WHY TREYARCH!!!!!

The new specalist claSs system wtf is that?? i dont want my arm to turn into a mingun i mean that totally doesnt sound cool at all, just let me shoot generic people with generic guns

Oh and youve said no exos but your bloody robot legs is basically just exos!! WHY TREYARCH!!!! I dont want to fly around the map like im bloody sonic the hedgehog, i wanna just walk around really slowly and shoot people who are also walking around really slowly GOD

Also treyarch your game looks just like Destiny, Titanfall and Deus Ex because it's got some robots in it and uhhhh its set in the future and you know its probs got flying cars in it and laser guns and stuff you know the future suck its bloody boring LET US USE MP40S AND M1 GARRANDS jeez

At least we've got infinity ward to bring us what the fans truely want with CALL OF DUTY GHOSTS 2 next year

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