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  • NOVA7

    NOVA7 17:32, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

    i found this glitch yesterday and i put it on the trivia section but it got discussing this here so someone else go find it and prove im correct.

    so , to do this you must first have a weapon which is NOT a pistol in your doesnt seem to work with those.not sure about others like ballistic knife , m72 or ... . i had a commando and HK21 in my inventory.i had the commando in my MUST have P.E.S in your disposal but NOT rapidly up on the D-pad(x360).do this several times.the P.E.S animation gets character put away the commando and then had no guns.from third person i had a knife in my friends suggested to by a gun in that situation.i went and bought…

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  • NOVA7
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  • NOVA7

    MW3 weapons wishlist

    March 13, 2011 by NOVA7


    Assault Rifles

    • AN-94
    • M16A4
    • ACR
    • FAMAS
    • FN FAL
    • AK-47
    • SCAR-H
    • AUG
    • F2000
    • G11
    • M16
    • IMI Galil
    • IMI Tavor TAR-21
    • QBZ-95

    Sub Machine Guns

    • MP5
    • Vector
    • Mini Uzi
    • AKS-74u
    • P90
    • UMP45
    • PM63

    Light Machine Guns

    • HK21
    • RPK
    • M60
    • Stoner63
    • M240
    • Zastava M72

    Sniper Rifles

    • Intervention M-200 (A MUST BE)
    • L96A1
    • M14 EBR
    • WA2000
    • Dragunov SVD
    • Savage 110 BA
    • SV-98
    • Zastava M93 "Black Arrow"



    • SPAS-12
    • Model 1887
    • Olympia
    • AA-12
    • Ranger
    • TOZ-194
    • 870MCS

    Machine Pistols

    • PP-2000
    • M93 Raffica
    • MAC-11


    • Makarov
    • M1911
    • CZ75
    • .44 Magnum
    • Desert Eagle
    • Glock 23
    • Manurhin MR 73
    • Colt Python


    • Crossbow
    • Ballistic Knife
    • M134 Minigun (from carepackage)


    • Thumper
    • Strela-3
    • M72 LAW
    • RPG-7
    • AT4 HS


    Assault Rifles

    • ACOG sight
    • Red dot sight
    • Reflex sight
    • SUSAT scope
    • FMJ
    • Supressor
    • Extended Mag's
    • Dual Mag
    • Grenade Launcher

    Sub machine g…

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  • NOVA7

    ok,you're gonna love this one.

    you start in the parking lot of a soccer stadium.this map is fairly the stadium,there's a vast open space in the middle and open space within the spectator stands. To open the way to the PaP machine;one must turn on the power. then, a soccer ball appears. then he/she must score a goal by shooting or moving the ball towards the zombies side of the field.when scored the board says: SURVIVORS:1 ZOMBIES:0

    then, a section of the field goes down and again comes up with a teleporter in it. when used,the player will be transported to the bottom level of a commercial zeppelin over the stadium with the PaP machine in it.then they will be transported back.from now on,the teleporter will come up each time the S…

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  • NOVA7

    3- UAV :shows enemies on the mini-map.

    3-Counter-UAV:jams enemies mini-map.

    4-RC-XD:remote controlled car strapped with explosives

    5-CARE PACKAGE:random killstreak dropped by a chinook heli.

    6-MISSILE ATTACK:F-4 phantoms or .... missile attack run.

    7-ATTACKE HELICOPTER: an attack heli with one flare.

    8-DEATH MACHINE: a 999 round deathmachine.

    8-VALKYRIE ROCKETS:3 missiles launched and controlled from AIR.

    10-BOMBING RUN: a B-52 or ... bombardment run.

    12-ARTILLERY STRIKE: mark 4 locations for artillery strikes.

    15-EMP: completely renders enemy's maps,equipments,etc unusable.

    17-ATTACK DOGS:dogs that hunt the enemy down.

    20-CHOPPER GUNNER: be the gunner of an attack heli with 2 flares.

    23-GUNSHIP: be the pilot of a gunship with 2 flares.

    26-WMD:(weapons …

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