ok,you're gonna love this one.

you start in the parking lot of a soccer stadium.this map is fairly the stadium,there's a vast open space in the middle and open space within the spectator stands. To open the way to the PaP machine;one must turn on the power. then, a soccer ball appears. then he/she must score a goal by shooting or moving the ball towards the zombies side of the field.when scored the board says: SURVIVORS:1 ZOMBIES:0

then, a section of the field goes down and again comes up with a teleporter in it. when used,the player will be transported to the bottom level of a commercial zeppelin over the stadium with the PaP machine in it.then they will be transported back.from now on,the teleporter will come up each time the SURVIVORS score 2 goals.if they score 6 goals, a bonfire sale appears. at the start of every round,the soccer ball appears. crawlers will get on top of ti and,very slowly, roll it to the SURVIVORS side of the field.if they score 3 goals,a special round starts.a special zombie soccer judge appears. he is fairly slow but has a really big health and if it reaches you,he will give you a red card.then you will be teleported to a locker room with endless doors . inside each one another locker.the player inside it will hear noises and samantha screaming.slipping further into insanity.if the zombie is not killed in time,the player in the lockers will die.if 3 of 4 players are in the lockers and the zombie catches the last player,he will get a yellow card and nothing will happen to him.if the zombie is killed,the player inside the locker,sees a vision of a blackhole similar to the one you see when using TELE's. if he goes inside he will be teleported back. the demonic announcer is back with a lot more quotes.similar to ; ZOMBIES have the ball or ZOMBIES have tackled nikolai (when they down him.

weapons off walls:M1911 - M14 - AK47 - WA2000 - M16 - MP5k - MPL - PM63 - OLYMPIA - SKORPION

new weapons(from mystery box or not): RPG - RaPGe (an upgraded version of RPG) - SKORPION - MANTIS (upgraded version of skorpion) - WA2000 - W115 WAFFLER (upgraded version of WA2000) - AK47 - A115 Destroyer (upgraded version of ak47)

new weapons details:

AK-47: same as multiplayer

A115 Destroyer: more gamage, more ammo , flamethrower attachment + dual mags

WA2000:same as multiplayer

W115 WAFFLER : more damage , more ammo , variable zoom

SKORPION:same as multiplayer

MANTIS:more damage,more ammo , grip handle + extended mags

RPG-7: same as multiplayer

RaPGe:(a play on the word rampage) acts the same as a napalm strike (when explodes,leaves a bowl of fire) , missiles don't change direction after launch , more ammo

PERKS: juggernog , quick reload , quick revive , double tap root beer and stamin-up


the whistle: unlimited ammo, recharges every 90 seconds,when blown zombies will suddenly stop for 5 seconds.

NEW POWER-UP: soccer time(instead of nuke.

SOCCER TIME: fake woods with zombie footballers on it will appearcand start plaing soccer and the real zombies will sit as spectators. after 15 seconds,the ball will be kicked out of the stadium(map).

please,leave comments and tell me what you think about my new map.


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