3- UAV :shows enemies on the mini-map.

3-Counter-UAV:jams enemies mini-map.

4-RC-XD:remote controlled car strapped with explosives

5-CARE PACKAGE:random killstreak dropped by a chinook heli.

6-MISSILE ATTACK:F-4 phantoms or .... missile attack run.

7-ATTACKE HELICOPTER: an attack heli with one flare.

8-DEATH MACHINE: a 999 round deathmachine.

8-VALKYRIE ROCKETS:3 missiles launched and controlled from AIR.

10-BOMBING RUN: a B-52 or ... bombardment run.

12-ARTILLERY STRIKE: mark 4 locations for artillery strikes.

15-EMP: completely renders enemy's maps,equipments,etc unusable.

17-ATTACK DOGS:dogs that hunt the enemy down.

20-CHOPPER GUNNER: be the gunner of an attack heli with 2 flares.

23-GUNSHIP: be the pilot of a gunship with 2 flares.

26-WMD:(weapons of mass destruction) end the game with a little bang.

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