It's a relatively small map based of the main story mission , U.S.D.D . not all of the war is taken place inside the pentagon.half of hit is in the open(good for snipers). also,the DEFCON level changes if the black ops side starts loosing.


INFECTION (zombie)

it's a map on the vozrozhdeniya island or commonly known as rebirth island.instead of nuke,there's a powe up called NOVA 6. when aqquired,the player puts on his/her mask and fans start blowing NOVA 6 gas around the map.killing all zombies except for crawlers. The PAP machine is located in a giant room full of Nova 6 gas.The doors are closed because of a security open it,one must turn on the power and then go to the generator room and activate it .then,giant fans in the room start clearing the air.after 2 minutes the fans will shut down and the doors will close and ANYONE caught inside will be killed.instead of a deathmachine,there's a weapon called "lightning strike"wich,as it's name suggests,fires continous electric charges and will last for 60 seconds.In the special rounds, a giant mutated crawler (the size of the cosmic silverback)apperas . however , it won't chase the players will just ram along the corridors.anyone who gets hit one time will be downed.the second time,DEATH!

weapons off walls:Olympia,M1911,FN FAL,M16,AK-47,MP5k,MPL and the death machine.for balancing reasons ,it's cost is 15000 with a 999 round capacity and will NOT be reloaded even with MAX AMMO.

PERKS:juggernog,quick revive,quick reload,PHD flopper and RHINO wich lets you run very fast for 10 seconds ramming any zombie in front of you.recharge:every round.the level has also elevators.the top floor is on a rooftop. up there the player can see a swarm of zombies attacking the factory/island.

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