Modern Warfare 3 Biography: Yuri

Name: Yuri Bledar Andropdov

PoB: Poznan, Poland



DoD: 10/14/2016

Bio: Born in Poznan, young Yuri Andropdov lived in a hostile enviroment. He witnessed as his family were killed in a round up by communist forces when he was 12, after that he fled to Moscow, Russia to destroy The Kremlin. Sadly, he failed and was sent to the infamous Vorkuta Labor camp. He left when he turned 15 and when he was 16 he joined the Spetsnaz forces. When he was 20, he joined up Valdimir Makarov. Years after, when he was 47, he went with Makarov and strike team to the Zakahev International Airport to attack and frame the United States. But, he was snuffed out and shot by Makarov with a 50 A.E round, fired most likely by a Desert Eagle, and was replaced by Jospeh Allen. Soon, he found Captain Price, Nikolai, and a wounded John MacTavish and helped them along with the PMC forces in India. His death at The Oasis Hotel and Casino along the Arabian Peninsula marked a change in the world.

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