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  • NaRusskom


    November 16, 2012 by NaRusskom

    I can't seem to find the multiplayer map Turbine in my copy of Black Ops II. I haven't played online yet, only locally, but it doesn't seem to be there. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  • NaRusskom

    Pack-A-Punch in BO2.

    November 14, 2012 by NaRusskom

    Okay, so I decided to try something today. I pack-a-punched my Five-seveN on Town, nothing special about that. But past that, I put it back in the pack-a-punch machine (unlike previous games where it refused to take it). This time it only ate up 2,000 points. Only difference I found was the reload speed, it seemed to be reloading as if I had speed cola (which I didn't at that point). So, what else could I do, I put it back in the machine. Once again, it ate 2,000 points instead of 5,000, and the reload speed reverted to what it was originally (I spent 2K to downgrade my gun, yay). I then died before I could perform any further experiments, and I haven't had a chance to try it since then, or with any other guns. So I want to ask, has anyone…

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  • NaRusskom

    So, pretty simple. I think one of the major innovations Black Ops II will (supposedly) make within multiplayer will make the game much more enjoyable. Quite simply, the guns. Treyarch has put a lot of effort into making each gun individual this time around, from what I can tell. Each gun has something unique it brings to the table. Just for example, I'll list the pistols.

    KAP-40: Dunno if it's in multiplayer (I assume it would be, with the select fire attachment) but it's capable of firing both semi-automatic and fully-automatic.

    Tac-45: Your more or less standard pistol, every game has to have one. It does bring high close range damage, though.

    Five-seveN: Unheard of ammo capacity for a pistol.

    B23R: It's a three-round burst pistol.


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