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What's your name Soldier? Who are you?

Now I want to speak about the plot and ending of Black Ops III. Before we start I have to warn you that I actually haven't played the game myself but I became interested in it and read the story and watched playthroughs and various explanations oh and also be warned that there will be SPOILERS in this blog.

So basically the "canon" is that the Player's consciousness is deleted and Taylor regains his body, fair enough. When "Taylor's body" is asked "what's your name soldier" the supposedly Taylor answers "Taylor" so it's safe to assume that Taylor's consciousness regained control of his body (yeah, that sounds confusing) right? But there is a slight problem...why the hell Taylor's body with Taylor's consciousness answers in the voice of the Player... here you can clearly hear that Taylor's body answers in female voice denoting that's actually the Player's voice. So I will give few possible explanations:

a) This scenario is what I believe is most likely the case. The Player's consciousness actually was not deleted during the purge and both Taylor and the Player survived and were merged in Taylor's body. This is also hinted by the mission protocol codes that can spell out WE ARE TAYLOR. I think the devs took the easiest way and gave us not only kind of "happy ending" but also a weird one. Both heroes kind of survived and the villainous Corvus is deleted, win/win. But what could this actually mean? The merging of both persons into a single body is very fucked up... this could herald the evolution of mankind into some kind of hive mind with many minds merged into one and Taylor/Player is the first of its kind.

b) There are theories suggesting that the whole thing after the first mission is the Player's dying dream. Now, this theory is somewhat discarded but I want to propose another interpretation. What if actually the whole thing is just some kind of simulation? Imagine that the whole thing is just some poor soul trapped in the endless loop of the morbid events portrayed in BOIII, some kind of Matrix. I think this would have been one of the best ways to give us a dark, depressing and dystopian ending befitting the setting of BOIII. Just imagine if after the endgame credits you got a post credit scene which depicts the Player being sent to Ethiopia to secure the captured Egyptian Minister... again and you realize that the Player is trapped in this simulation and has to relive the same battles, same events and walk through the same corridors and buildings for eternity and there is no Neo to brake the Matrix, there is no Morpheus to save you... it's almost like being forced to play Call of Duty every year, again and again :D

c) The whole Taylor's body/consciousness speaking in the Player's voice is just a devs oversight which sends us back to the canon version of Taylor being the sole survivor.

And now I want to propose another alternative ending. Ending which may be a cliche but I think is also more befitting the dystopian setting of BOIII. Something different than the "omnipotent AI villain gets defeated and deleted by our valliant heroes and the world is saved." What if Taylor's consciousness is actually dead/deleted and "glitched but survived Taylor" in the frozen forest is actually just Corvus posing as Taylor in order to trick the Player to purge Taylor's body so the Player's consciousness gets deleted and Corvus can possess Taylor's body and achieve its ultimate goal, to be actually alive. The idea that the omnipotent AI gets beaten by two guys is just underwhelming for me, it reduces the villain to... pathetic. Just imagine what would be more horifying to you? To learn that the military have created an AI that potentially wants to destroy humanity but gets deleted by some dudes or that the military have created an AI that potentially wants to destroy humanity and now walks among us... and nobody is even aware of that? Also this will give a hanger for potential sequel, considering that people will get fed up with the "classic WW2 COD" after few months of playing it and will possibly start clamouring for something "different" and maybe futuristic then Treyarch will return with BO4 featuring all out robot vs humanity war a la Matrix style, though it is also possible to have sequel with Taylor or Taylor/Player.

What are your thoughts?

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