Advanced Warfare begins a new chapter in the Call of Duty series with it's new exo-movements and abilities. Multiplayer seems to go faster as combat is sped up through the previously mentioned movements. The Single-Player has good characters, but struggles to create the amazing and non-predictable plot that would help it improve.

I will now break down the three modes of Advanced Warfare and review them separately, then I will give my final review of the Game.


The campaign of Advanced Warfare brings us into the 2050s where a military corporation called Atlas led by corrupt CEO Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey) is gaining immense power to the point in which they call themselves a "Super-Power for Hire". After the main character Jack Mitchell (Troy Baker) loses his friend Will Irons he is recruited by Jonathan Irons to join Atlas. After getting a prosthetic arm, he is fit for battle and goes on many missions with Atlas primarily directed against the KVA lead by Hades, an anti-technology terrorist who believes he is the Savior of the Human race. 

In interest of Time...

Hades is killed and passes down a data drive that reveals that Jonathan Irons let the attacks continue to make a profit which leads to Jack and fellow soldier Ilona to leave atlas to Join the Sentinel Task force and at the end Irons is killed by Mitchell.

Review: The campaign delivers good characters and great performances by Troy Baker and Kevin Spaceu, but the plot is predictable and the relationships of characters are not built very well. It is also kind of annoying that you can't choose your Exo-class for every mission, so you can't always double-jump. But completing challenges in the campaign unlocks supply drops for Multiplayer which is pretty cool.

Score: 8/10


The multiplayer of Advanced Warfare offers a new type of gameplay with Exo-movements and Abilities. It also includes the Pick 13 System based on Black Ops II's Pick 10 System. Overall the maps are very well designed, and besides the Heavy Weapons, most of the Weapons are useful in a variety of situations. The Create-an-Operator is basically the same thing from Ghosts, but it offers more ways to customize your character. 

New Modes Uplink and Momentum are good additions to the game, and the return of Infected is awesome in my opinion. Supply drops are a good way of rewarding players for doing well in matches, but don't always include very good items. Two other good editions are the Firing Range and the Combat Readiness program. The Firing Range allows players to test weapons in a pre-game lobby or when just editiong your class, it is also good for preparing for a match by testing your accuracy and speed in taking down targers. The Combat Readiness program offers a low-pressure way to enhance your skills and prepare for online play by killing bots and getting random Scorestreaks to test out.

Score: 9/10


Not much to be said about this mode besides that it is similar to MW3's Survival mode besides the ability to upgrade your exo and the need to complete objectives such as gathering intel or defusing bombs, which can sometimes keep you on the edge of your seat. The inclusion of the Zombies Easter egg is also pretty awesome.

Score: 7.5/10

OVERALL Score: 8.5/10

Sledgehammer games did a very remarkable job on Advanced Warfare through the intense multiplayer and exo-survival modes, and also the actors that they hired to play Jack Mitchell and Jonathan Irons. In my opinion this is a greater game than Call of Duty: Ghosts and does well to re-invent how Call of Duty is played.

Thanks for Reading, Michael Nardei (nardei99)

-Please comment if you agree with me or even if you disagree with me

-Also comment if you are pumped for the return of Zombies

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