So, I'm sure everybody has heard the several game rumors for Call of Duty 9 such as: Call of Duty: Iron Wolf

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Now Call of Duty: Eclipse so why I made this blog is to ask YOU what game you think is most likely to be the next part of the Call of Duty series. Now I will state my opinion.

Call of Duty: Iron Wolf- Likely- Leaning Towards Unlikely. I think it is a possibility but I personally do not think that Treyarch will name it that. It would be like naming it Call of Duty: US Marines and Iron Wolf was not yet mentioned in the original Black Ops (Hints are not present).

Call of Duty: Eclipse- Unlikely. I think it is a rumor that sounds zombie-like just like Black Ops was thought to be Call of Duty: Vietnam but it could be possible.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2- Most Likely. I think this is the most possible rumor because most Call of Duties are not really named other than the series' name suck as: Modern Warfare or Black Ops.

So I want your opinion and any name you think would fit the game and anything else you would like to mention about the upcoming Call of Duty.

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